The Ponteio


Synonymous with tradition and quality, Steakhouse Ponteio won the heartiest of Pernambuco . Be the convenience of our services is the variety of cuts of meat and menus . The Ponteio is already considered a steakhouse Premium by our customers.

The environment is exquisite, with large lounge , VIP Kids and space that have been carefully planned to bring customers a distinctive and familiar. Owner of a menu with more than 22 cuts of meat , varied buffet a cold space , and special smoked sushi , Churrascaria Ponteio also offers an excellent wine list and cellar with more than 40 labels . The valet parking allows enjoy the free meal of any concern.

Our goal is to not only a quality barbecue, but also comfort and convenience for our customers. For all this , we make the Ponteio a place of amazing experiences !